Code of Conduct

Hello and welcome to the Designer Hangout network! Designer Hangout's mission is to equip UX practitioners with the skills, resources, and tools they need so they can create inclusive and uplifting products and services.

Designer Hangout includes people from a wide range of cultures, languages, and experiences. This is a strength and an opportunity for all of us to learn. Please ask and explore, with an eye towards improved understanding and connection.

We require a certain level of human behavior to keep Designer Hangout a welcoming, growing, respectful, safe, and civil community. Harassment, hate, fear mongering, or similar behavior will not be allowed. Any such actions will be dealt with quickly and decisively. Refusal to comply with guidance from a moderator or admin will result in being banned.


Design thrives when the designer is open to understanding the needs and situations of others. Designer Hangout exists so that we can practice that with each other, as well as share knowledge, experience, training, and advice. This is a place where people can become better designers and contribute to a better world.


Even though it’s impossible to outline all the positive models and guidance for how we hope everyone will behave, here is a non-comprehensive list of some principles we hope to encourage and see in participants.



If you see or have experienced any unacceptable behavior, please contact a moderator as soon as you can via direct message. A moderator will let you know they’ve received your message, though be aware a response may not be immediate. (Responses are often decided after discussion among moderators.) To view the list of moderators, type !mods in the #_support channel. This also sends an alert to all moderators.

By default, a report or complaint will be kept anonymous to the community, though shared among moderators; if you want to remain anonymous to moderators other than the one you file a report with, please make that explicit in your initial report. In either case, we will not name reporters without consent, and even then try to avoid any mention of a reporter.


If a moderator contacts you and asks you to stop certain behavior, do so immediately. Failure to do so may result in the moderator banning you, at their discretion.

If your behavior has drawn attention that requires a moderator contacting you, be aware that this will be remembered. Repeating the behavior that incurs warnings will result in banning.

If you have been warned, then call out or personally attack another member whom you think reported you, you will be banned.

Being banned is not up for appeal. Please, be nice.