Designer Hangout Team

Supporting the best and brightest UX practitioners so they can create inclusive and uplifting products and services.
Jake Rogelberg
UX Designer, Founder
Bob Sampson
Sr UX/UI Designer at Copperleaf
Rob Whiting
Lucas Roe
User Experience Designer at Fastspot
Ashley Crutcher
Digital Designer at InterVarsity
Mihir Pathare
Sr UX Lead at Fractal Ink
Dorian Freeman
UX Lead at Harvard University
Manuel Sainsily
Senior UI/UX Designer at IBM
Anita Cheng
Content Strategist at SFMOH
Carlos Salazar
Industrial Product Designer at 21CP
Naema Baskanderi
User Experience Designer
Stewart Murrie
UX Designer at Dolby Laboratories
Adam Sedwick
Front-End Architect at Discovery Education